2012 re-release of the first Bestial Burst release from 2001 (LP was released by Northern Heritage). Raw and filthy, old school Black Metal.
BRUMALIS (USA) "Furore Normannorum" CD
USA Ideological Anthemic Wrath in form of harsh and grim Heathen / War Metal.
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Second album of Finland´s heaviest, most brutal and bestial Death Metal unit. With added Death and Doom, Deathspawned Destroyer brings back the merciless inferno of World War II to punish the unworthy!
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MEPHISTO (ITA) - Metal of Death CD
Old school Metal of Death from Italy. Heavily influenced by the likes of Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom and Slaughter, Mephisto will murder all the posers with their masterpiece of old school METAL.
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NAILGUNNER (FIN)/ WOUNDS (FIN) - Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare CD
12 Tracks, 34 minutes of first class underground Thrash Metal from Finland. Raw and real, a fucking nightmare for all those into false "metal".
Play Nailgunner mp3 sample
9 Song split MCD of America´s sickest Death Metal zombie lust vs. extreme brutality of german/belgian Bloodred Bacteria.
Play Abscess mp3 sample
CONJURATION (FIN) - Funeral of the Living MCD
Heaviest, creepy, ghastly and wicked Horror Metal from beyond the grave. 5 Song mini album for those who like it morbid and obscure.
Play Conjuration mp3 sample
GALLHAMMER (JAP) - Gloomy Lights CD
Japanese all female trio influenced by Hellhammer, Burzum and Amebix. Atmospheric and original Metal the way you haven´t heard it before.
Play Gallhammer mp3 sample
v/a THRASHING RELICS Volume 1: Finnish Underground Thrash Metal 1987 - 1990 CD
Complete demos and more from Lycantrophy, Morphosis, National Napalm Syndicate and Mengele. Clocking at 80 minutes, all material is dark, raw and evil underground Thrash Metal from the heyday of the genre, influenced by the likes of Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, early Slayer and so on. Authentic artwork featuring original demo covers, photos and fanzine layouts. If this ain´t cult enough then fuck off!
Play Lycantrophy mp3 sample
EXEKRATOR (DK) - Ordo Bestiae CD
Unique Black / Heavy Metal from Denmark. With dramatic vocals and theatrical arrangements, yet staying 100% Metal all the way, they sound like adrenaline charged Black Metal answer to Mercyful Fate! "Some of the best, most powerful heavy metal that I've heard in a long time" - Canadian Assault. Mailorder copies come with free full color poster.
Play Exekrator mp3 sample
True Black Metal from Finland and Italy. Raw, cold and grim.
Play Angmar mp3 sample
Slow Black Metal torment from Germany, inspired by Abruptum and Burzum. One song clocking near 30 minutes, most extreme Black Metal not for the weak.
Play Undor mp3 sample
SKULLFUCK (FIN) - The Supreme Ugliness CD
Very old school Death Metal inspired by the first wave of north american Death Metal a´la Slaughter, NME, Necrovore etc., not forgetting the old european gods like Hellhammer and Sodom. Raw yet powerful production and most punishing DM riffs since the fucking "Strappado"!!! Co-release with Nocturnal Woodlands.
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Two unique Black Metal units from Finland. Ride For Revenge with three occult Black Metal rituals from the depths of hell, carrying the spirit of early finnish Black Metal, Torturium with two soulpiercing Black Metal hymns from the torture chambers of the wicked, all together 22 minutes you´ll never forget.
Play Ride For Revenge mp3 sample (raw advance version)
Out on Bestial Burst´s "Blood Beast" extreme music series. Iron Butter is loud and ugly, primitive noisegrind madness, six originals plus an insane coverversion of Sodom classic "Outbreak of Evil". Irritate is filthy Death Metal groove, one original plus a coverversion of Rattus track "Will Evil Win". Coverart by Gary Gilmore (done record covers, flyers and gig poster art for Discharge, Danzig, Alice Cooper etc.).
Check out bands at:
DEVILRY (FIN) - Stormbolt MCD
Merciless, radical Death Metal. After years of excellent vinyl and tape releases, it´s finally time to unleash the first ever CD release from Finland´s most powerful Death Metal supremacists. With added fury and hate, Stormbolt is the soundtrack of iron will and victory.
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IRRITATE (FIN) - Ten Stabs of Demented Violence CD
New full lenght of ugly, filthy, sludgy Death Metal. No trends, no technical masturbation, just pure nihilistic carnage.
WILL OVER MATTER (FIN) - 9 to the Moon CD
74 minutes journey through ritual electric doom, occult power electronics and lunar new wave madness. Created with oscillators, radio frequences and synthetizers, this unique release is suitable for those with an ear for electric albums of Beherit, Suuri Shamaani and the more experimental Ride For Revenge material. Limited edition of 500 copies.
Play mp3 clip
RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few Special box CD edition / download
Long time out of print in all formats, we proudly present a limited edition box version of the classic second Ride For Revenge full lenght. Comes in a DVD sized box with lyric sheet, logo sticker, exclusive badge, an individually stamped and numbered reversed funeral card and a post card with a fitting quote from Finnish national poet J.L. Runeberg. Limited to 250 copies only. Bandcamp download is 6 euros and comes with new and previously unreleased track "Soul Abortion" (9:21) recorded summer 2014.
Bandcamp link for stream and download
WILL OVER MATTER - Might of the Planet Eater double CD
Re-release of the long sold out double CD. Over two hours epic journey of occult industrial, Satanic electronics and sound alchemy.
Bandcamp link for stream and download
Compact disc version of the long sold out and sought after split lp finally available. With added tits and blood, the album is a guaranteed purgatory from ritual electronics and occult industrial to extreme distortion and offensive feedback assault.
USVA (FIN) / DRACO (FIN) - Re-Desecrating the South Carelian Graves split CD
Pre-Goatmoon material. Classic, cold, aggressive and epic finnish black metal. Not to be confused with another finnish act of the same name, USVA (finnish for "Fog") line up featured BlackGoat GraveDesecrator, M.V. and Avenger, DRACO featured Emperor Askonen, Namkah and Avenger - folks that later united for classics like "Finnish Steel Storm" and "In The Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice". Included here are two previously unreleased demos (2000 & 2002) and two song rehearsal tape (2001) from Usva, as well as two unreleased studio demos (1998 & 1999) from Draco, first one including the track "Mythical Story" later recorded by Goatmoon. 17 songs and 55 minutes of historical finnish black metal.
Play mp3 mix with cuts from both bands
GOATMOON (FIN) - s/t Extended Edition digipak CD
The classic 2009 "owl" tape/vinyl ep coupled with a previously unreleased, raging, rehearsal session from the same year, making it a full lenght album. Presented in a stunning bright green digipak sleeve. Finnish national romantic black metal that does not compromise.
YouTube song
New 2017 cd pressing of the classic split album on Bestial Burst, originally released in 2010. Two most controversial black metal units from Finland.
UNDOR (GER) / RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - split digipak CD
Extreme underground Black Metal with most epic material from both bands. Finally a luxurous digipak cd version of a sold out LP.
Play mp3 mix with cuts from both bands
GOATMOON (Fin) - Son of the Northwind CDS/7"
National romantic Black Metal.
UNDOR (Ger) - Deficit Omne Quod Nasciture 7"EP
New 2012 ep of total Black Metal torment. Limited to 250 copies.
FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS (FIN) - Satan´s Punishment: the Ultimatum CD
With added bats and blood, the mighty FCOA returns with a full lenght album! 10 traxxx of blasphemous distortion and mayhem: some slow and sludgy, some short, sharp and shocking. All pounding black noise from Finland´s ritual circles of deepest Satanic underground. Not for tender ears or easily offended souls. This group has signed their souls to burn in Hell forever, and now it´s YOUR turn to feel the fire!
Listen to three songs
MILITARIS-TIC (FIN) - Curse of Weapons LP / download
Raw post apocalyptic old school metal punk from Finland! No modern sound, no filler riffs, no politically correct arseholes. Ten songs equivalent of a nuclear holocaust. Black vinyl 250 copies / green vinyl 100 copies.
Bandcamp with free streaming / 6 eur download
WOMB C (Fin) - s/t CD
A Collaboration between Will Over Matter, Blutleuchte and Cloama. A 54 minute journey of cosmic atmospheres and occult symbolism, using elements of black metal, ambient, industrial and power electronics, channeling all the energy to travel further and deeper into darkness. Several years in works, this is an artistic triumph in all it´s epic glory! Features members of / recommended to those into Dead Reptile Shrine and Ride For Revenge. Eight page booklet with a story to tell, illustrated with cosmic symbols and as an icing on the cake: amazing front cover art by Denis Kostromitin. Limited edition of 200 copies only.
Listen one song from the album
RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - Disturbances 2001-2013 2CD
2 CD´s, 2 hours and 21 minutes of previously unreleased or extremely rare material. Heavy, raw, occult black metal and experimental soundscapes. 14 euros + postage.
Listen the audio trailer
PYÖVELI (FIN) - New Renaissance of Thrash and Speed Metal LP
The debut full lenght masterpiece of Finland´s finest thrashers finally on black vinyl!! Bestial old school thrash metal that brings back the sound and evil spirit of "Morbid Visions", "Pleasure to Kill" and "In the Sign of Evil" to this day and age without a single fucking compromise!
MASOKISMI (FIN) - Eläminen Kohti Kuolemaa CD
Recorded just a little before mainman Fresh Hatred´s suicide in 2009, Eläminen Kohti Kuolemaa (Living Towards Death) includes ten painfully distorted, ultra raw black metal songs about self destruction and rejection of all values. More on the black metal side than the very early "black core" material, this even includes some melancholic and melodic parts, but the distorted loudness makes it even harder to listen... And for most impossible to enjoy! VERY limited edition.
Massachusetts black noise cult coupled with raw black metal from Saarbrücken, Germany. Blasphemous black vinyl limited to 300 copies.
ESKATOZOA (FIN) - Cosmic Elements Coalesce digipak CD
Eskatozoa's sound is rooted in the abyssal depths of the early universe and extends as far as the most distant future. Hurled across millions of ages, experience the darkness of a photon-devouring black hole; the brilliance of the brightest supernovae; the terrifying isolation and endless repetition of empty space. The vistas without solid boundaries you sense convolute and congeal into undulations shimmering and swooshing, twirling and twinkling. Now accessible here, on Earth. Debut album in luxurious digipak.
Eskatozoa web page
Rare collaboration album of Finnish black metal and noise. Previously released on cassette limited to only 100 copies, finally available as a limited edition compact disc by Bestial Burst and Filth&Violence.
CAEDES CRUENTA (GRE) - Ereipia Psychon CD / gatefold LP / t-shirt
A glorious return to the mighty early 90's of the traditional Greek sound. Obscure, majestic and abyssic occult Black Metal art deeply influenced by the classic era of Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, and Zemial. CD is numbered edition of 500, LP is numbered edition of 333. T-shirt design:
WILL OVER MATTER (FIN) - Massiivisen Koston Doktriini CD / download
New album that differs from the previous material by being more on the extreme power electronics / noise side of things. This is not a change in style, but a different, more aggressive album that had to be done. Concept of the album takes a Satanic view on ww2, cold war, ww3 and nuclear destruction. Most of the material recorded on analog 4-tracker, so expect more dirt and less clarity this time.
Bandcamp stream and download
RITUAL VIOLENCE is a project band featuring key members of Bizarre Uproar, Ride For Revenge and Below... and surely sounds like that. Will also please those unfortunate souls into most raucous Filth&Violence and Bestial Burst acts like Sadistic Bliss, Flooded Church of Asmodeus etc. Raw sound, heavy riffs repeated ´til you vomit in disgust, some blasphemous total noise + well placed samples about Satanic rituals. If that´s not your cup of tea, lucky you, move forward. Two lenghty tracks in 40 minutes, packaged in delicious looking digipak.
Play mp3 clip
MUSTAMAA (FIN) - Maa on syntinen laulu MCD
MUSTAMAA captures the salacious dance, panting heavy in the hot and pitch-black night. Beauty and holiness of secretions, dirt and ugliness. Longing for death and beauty. Let the love spring and blood flow. MUSTAMAA heaves and everything is celebration. Unique combination of Finnish madness and perverted black metal. Four songs in 24 minutes.
Play mp3 song
JESUS CHRUST (USA) - The Last Temptation of Jesus Chrust CD
Blasphemous grind noise from Massachusetts, USA. Formed in late 80´s, the band´s trademark has always been lyrics lifted from the bible, performed in a very blasphemous manner. Short fast blasts of filthy grind noise combined with slower tracks of the most primitively painful black doom. Jesus Chrust can also be viewed as a pioneering black noise band, as later some of the members formed bands like Gonkulator, Goat Thrower, Bone Ritual and Goat Felch. They´re also known from underground bands since the 80´s like Psycho, GG Allin and the Bulge, Post Mortem and Cancerous Growth. CD Includes all Jesus Chrust material ever recorded: 14 new tracks, "Blasphemy" 7"EP from 1990, "I.N.R.I. - I´m Nailed Right In" 7"EP from 1991 and their song off the Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! compilation 7"EP. Total 50 songs in 41 minutes, raw sound. 8 page booklet with new artwork and lyrics for the new songs, original lyric sheets of both old ep´s and the iconic Blasphemy 7" artwork by Jeff Clayton first time in full color.
YouTube link with five songs
GOAT THROWER - Savage Souls in Sodom CD
Black metal from Massachusetts, USA. Sabbatic Goat and The Mad Arab are back! 17 long years after their debut album Cult of the Germanic Horde, we can proudly announce the second album of this unique project. Everything from the band name, pseudonyms, lyrics, vocals to artwork and over all mayhem is crazy and over-the-top! This album was supposed to come out on US label a couple of years back, but somehow didn´t, so when we got the chance to release this we didn´t have to think twice! CD has 9 new tracks + as bonus their song from the split 7"EP with Lisa the Wolfe (Ax/ction Black 1996).
YouTube link with two songs
SPERMICIDAL (IRE) - Necrocosm cassette
Ireland´s SPERMICIDAL operates somewhere between the bleak rhythmic industrial and coldest black metal. Five songs in 33 minutes. Pro-cassette limited to 100 copies only.
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RUHO - Pathways Through Flesh CD
Debut full lenght of the Finnish act. 7 tracks, 40 minutes of powerful, raw black metal that varies between fast and aggressive, plus some slower, hypnotic parts with the stench of death. Co-release between Behest zine and Bestial Burst.
Soundcloud page with two songs
FRAME RUST (FIN) - s/t digipak CD
A Collaboration album between Umpio and Will Over Matter. Nine tracks, about 43 minutes of finest Finnish noise and industrial sounds. Deep perforations into electronic territories, burning trails of darkest damaged circuits recorded between 2011 - 2014. Great looking limited edition digipak cd.
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Occult, obscure, raw and primitive black metal from this anonymous Finnish duo. Fits neatly in Bestial Burst catalog with the noisiest and weirdest black-metal-and-beyond releases from Masokismi to Dead Reptile Shrine to Kärsimysnäytelmä! and Mustamaa etc.etc., yet of course Valtakunta has their very own, chaotic yet hypnotic style that will swallow your soul into it´s evil abyss. Self titled eight song debut CD limited to 300 copies.
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RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) / RxAxPxE (GER) - RxFxRxRxAxPxE (split album) - digipak CD
Finnish raw and heavy black metal ritualists teams up with German occult electronics unit for nearly one hour of total torment. RFR delivers two songs in 30 minutes, second one a 16 minute distorted-beyond-belief hypnotic version of Prevail in Hell. All the way in the style of most repetitive and noisy RfR tracks, not for wimps. RxAxPxE does 27 minutes of very loud, ritualistic and at times rhythmic electronic devil worship, making this album a very strong and extreme concept. Awesome artwork, classy digipak CD limited to 300 copies only.
Play RxAxPxE mp3 song
USKONRAUHA (FIN) - Tympeyden Ylistys CD
Raw, powerful and aggressive Finnish black metal assault by the trio of Harald Mentor, The Unnatural and BlackGoat. Satan worship and deep respect for the laws of nature with a healthy dose of national romanticism and pure scorn for the subhuman scum. Eight song full lenght debut album, eight page booklet with all lyrics and matching full color photography. Digital download 6 euros and FREE streaming of the whole album at Bandcamp.
Uskonrauha bandcamp link
RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - Ageless Powers Arise CD/Download
Fifth album, seven tracks and 44 minutes journey into heaviest and deepest Hell that black metal can offer. Bitter sweet mixture of occult wisdom and earthly perversions through distorted sound alchemy.
Ride For Revenge bandcamp link
OLD PAGAN (GER) - Demo Collection 1997 - 2015 CD
Black metal from Saarbrücken, Germany. Features "Machosias" demo 1997, "Menschenverachtung" demo 1998, s/t EP 1999, split tape with Grausamkeit 2000 plus unreleased tracks from 2008 and 2015. Features the original demo artworks. 23 tracks, nearly 80 minutes of raw and true German underground black metal. Cold, merciless, very obscure and fucking ripping!
YouTube link with two songs
SURUNI (FIN) - Lähteet CD
Low-fi garage apocalyptic music rooted somewhere in black metal. Occasionally noisy, frequently atmospheric & melancholic. Very Finnish sounding and will most probably appeal to those into bands like Dead Reptile Shrine, Mustamaa and Circle of Ouroborus just to name some, but Suruni still has it´s own very sorrowful and painfully personal style. Deeply beautiful under the very raw and ugly surface, touching really. 12 euros + postage
YouTube link with two songs
REPTILE WOMB (USA) - Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Graeve CD
Self described as "black blood death trance", Reptile Womb from California is a direct continuation of a project previously known as Below. The style of this album can be placed between Drawing Down the Moon and the electric era of Beherit, but with loud and ultra harsh production that borders on noise. Those into "The Spell of Vengeance" by Will Over Matter and some noisier Ride For Revenge material will also find themselves enjoying this one.
YouTube link with two songs
PYÖVELI (FIN) - Not a God, Just an Executioner LP
Long awaited first ever vinyl version of the second, 2011, album by Finnish old school thrash metal masters. Raw, ripping, bestial madness in the lines of early Kreator, early Sodom, classic Razor etc. Done in the very intense way only these brothers are capable of! Total AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!
Two songs in YouTube
Majestic black metal in the classic Greek style of classic Rotting Christ, Varathron and Thou Art Lord. Darkness, pain, death, hate, wisdom, occultism, mysticism and ancient rituals. Long awaited first ever vinyl version of the band´s first album from 2010. New artwork by Panos Sounas (Necromantia, Tatir, Jackal's Truth, Diaboli, Shadowcaster etc.).
YouTube song
RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - Thy Horrendous Yearning CD/Download
Just five months after the last album and without warning, Ride For Revenge offers you their sixth full album Thy Horrendous Yearning. Six new tracks plus very different and much longer version of the song "Sexual Rhythm Of Death". All together 45 minutes of punishing, heavy, ear(th) shattering black metal hell.
Ride For Revenge bandcamp link
WILL OVER MATTER (FIN) - Power Dances CD/download
2016 album of occult electronics, sound alchemy and Satanic industrial magic. Venturing from calm and minimalist approach to full blown power noise and closing things with a massive 33 minute track "First Not Fourth", this 75 minute album may very well be the best WOM release to date!
Will Over Matter bandcamp link
CHARITY SAINTS (FIN) - s/t download
Debut release of Finnish band formed in 2015, three songs, 18 minutes of heavy, simple, repetitive and effective music that draws it´s influences from new wave, no wave, noise rock and late eighties industrial rock genres. Namedropping bands like Swans, Godflesh, Splintered, Killing Joke and Amebix may give you some kind of picture of what´s going on here, but please beware as it´s not a carbon copy of any of those and not easy to fit in today´s world of genres and micro genres. Take a listen and look at the group´s Bandcamp site!
Charity Saints bandcamp link
RxAxPxE (GER) - Relik digipak CD
Occult power electronics for His glory. RxAxPxE has destroyed souls and sacrificed minds since 2005, spawning ripping releases including split albums with Ride For Revenge and Chaos Cascade, a couple of tapes on Filth & Violence and much much more. This new 2016 album consists of 5 new tracks in 49 minutes, dark and morbid atmosphere, loud sound pressure, evil chants, power electronics with a ritualistic drive. Hosted in a very stylish black & white digipak sleeve. A perfect album for those into darkest side of electronic noise.
YouTube song
EDASI (EST) - Fake Wheel digipak CD
Avantgarde, black metal, drone, ritual ambient, lo-fi noise and psychedelia. EDASI from Tallinn, Estonia takes your mind for a wild ride with their very own brand of sound alchemy and occult. The duo has released over twenty very underground DIY releases since 2004 and have worked on Fake Wheel for the last couple of years. A dynamic monster of an album with only three songs in 54 minutes. Impressive artwork by the project´s leader Mihkel Kleis, presented in a quality digipak cover.
YouTube song
FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS (FIN) - Piss Soaked Church of the Wrong: A Total Holocaust of Those Who Turn The Other Cheek CD
It´s time to hail the black noise again! A long waited second album of cruel blasphemy, brutal distortion and complete destruction. Since the last album, the band has sacrificed an ex-member in a holocaust ritual to eliminate all weakness, initiated a new graveyard raider, broken bodyparts, flooded ritual chambers in blood and taken over the command of the world´s most haunted ghostship. Still influenced by the likes of Gonkulator and Black Mass of Absu, the sound is like it was before, just more powerful and sick. There are only six ...six ...six tracks on this 48 minute album, longest of the doomy ones is over 19 minutes and shortest blast of ultra black grind is under one minute. Must be the strongest FCOA release so far, some things can surely grow underground and without any light! Eyeball licking yellow & black artwork.
YouTube song
C.B.A. (LI) - Kali Yuga Kommando CD
Fuck your socially aware death metal band, fuck your 'ritual' black metal band and FUCK YOU! Introducing C.B.A.: a thundering tornado of loathing, cynicism and general bad taste, grinning before the mushroom cloud and pissing in the Great Abyss! C.B.A. delivers a V8-driven mixture of punk and old school Venomized/Sodomized d-beat metal, early 90's Swedish death metal and timeless hatred and disdain for the seven billion bastards around. Co-release with Bestial Burst and Iron Scourge.
YouTube song
DEATH NÖIZE (ROM) - Fullmoon Fury Ritual CD
Very old school black metal from Transylvania, Romania. Filthy and dark in the lines of Darkthrone, Hellhammer, Incriminated and Bloodhammer, with some of that magic musical anarchy a'la Venom, Warfare or even Chaotic Dischord. Second album from these anonymous anti-hipsters, seven punishing songs in 35 minutes. Loud, ugly and downright fucking awesome.
Two YouTube songs
Orthank from Penza, Russia plays hard hitting, powerfully riffing, aggressive yet hypnotically flowing occult black metal of the highest order. Although simple and stripped down in it´s half an hour glory, there´s always something around the corner that grabs you by the throat, pulls you deeper in the darkness and leaves you craving for more after each listening. Otherworldly, impressive and destructive, like true black metal should be. Formed in 2010, after a handful of smaller releases including two tapes on Wohtr Records, a self titled album is finally released by Bestial Burst, November 2016.
YouTube song
CHAOS CASCADE (GER) - Grotesque Inflictions Of Infernal Agony digipak CD
As a perfect example of Bestial Burst's quest for most painful and blasphemous aural extremity, label's 100th release is a debut album from Germany's Chaos Cascade. Elements of black metal, industrial noise and grindcore are all pushed over the limits and rammed in your ear with ferocity and loudness not quite experienced before. Think of Profanatica/Havohej, RxAxPxE and Intolitarian rolled into one braincrushing fist of fury and you may have a thought of what's going on here: extreme material you have to hear to believe! Eight tracks in 40 minutes, all by a seasoned underground veteran. Classy digipak with fitting art and photography by Omega Kunst Artworks..
YouTube song
A collaboration album between two Finnish artists Sick Seed and Will Over Matter. Four lengthy tracks in 44 minutes painting a picture of dystopia awaiting. Droning echoes in an industrial environment. "This is the Deluge, it didn't wait until after us. Floodgates failed or sabotaged. Metal hulks have rusted, but some are still functioning with some alien logic." Industrial sounds for the apocalyptic cult of empty souls. Covers with fitting photos from the abandoned shipyard.
YouTube song
Eloquent dark melodic black metal from Oregon. Masculine shrieking into cold violent vocals, galloping and blasting drums, and guitar that shaves black ice into glorious monuments to a lukewarm hell on Earth. Beautiful music for the most circumspect, hate-filled, and all-knowing among us. Six track 2017 CD version of 2013 LP, new master by Harald Mentor. Layout adapted for CD by Endknell Design.
YouTube song
OKSENNUS (FIN) - Sokea idiootti CD/LP
Unique and genious Finnish death metal. "One of the strangest bands to emerge from Finland, ever, Oksennus play their death metal like the gods are said to play at being human" says Caligari Records. who released this album on cassette in 2016. In the era when even the most extreme metal feels formulaic, tame and uninteresting, Oksennus really is something else. "This shit is frighting in its level of dedication to the odd which is something that should be taken very seriously and with careful caution" -Tape Wyrm. "In my opinion Oksennus are a very great sounding experimental and avant garde mixture of doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band." -Doomed To Death zine.
Oksennus Bandcamp
VALHALLA BOUND (FIN) - Hail The Warrior
Raw, loud, primitive black metal dedicated to the warrior spirit. Full length pro-cassette album limited to 50 copies only.
Bandcamp download available
Bandcamp with free stream / 5 eur download
HAIL CONJURER (FIN) - - Manifests Of Will cassette
Hail Conjurer, the drummer of Finland's Ride For Revenge with his second solo demo tape. Three new songs of dark, heavy, punishing, obscure black metal. Limited to 100 copies.
Bandcamp download available
Free stream / bandcamp download
Raw radical rock meets black metal. Very Finnish, powerful stuff all the way. Co-release with Sakaramiina Records.
Uskonrauha song on YouTube
Offensive noisecore assault, hundreds of "songs".
YouTube teaser
PUHDISTUS (FIN) - Monoa antifalle digipak CD
Hatecore / hardcore punk, violently offensive material.
Puhdistus song on YouTube
ORDO CAPER (CR) / ANAL VOMIT (Peru) - Morgue of Difamators split CD
All out bestial South American black/death metal attack!!! Updated version of the previous "Culto de los Venenos" split tape with more songs and different cover art. Sexo sodomico en nombre de Satanas!!!!!
Anal Vomit song on YouTube
HAIL CONJURER (FIN) - Dreams Of Serpent CD / LP
Obscure, raw, atmospheric black metal from Finland. After two successful demos in 2017, the debut album is here. I'd say You need it.
Free stream / bandcamp download
Loud, extreme, inhuman P.E./noise terrorism from USA. Limited edition of 100 pro printed tapes.
Free stream / bandcamp download
SATANIC TORMENT (FIN) - Submit to the Lord of Darkness CD
Bass heavy and obscure Finnish black/death metal. Imagine early Barathrum, early Autopsy Torment and DDTM era Beherit mixed with the madness of early Impaled Nazarene. Not some lame ass retro version though, their touch is fresh yet rotten and in their songs Satanic Torment also dives deeper in the experimental stages of primitive and powerful aural hell.
YouTube song
FUNGUS EXODUS (Fin) - Myco Sapiens digipak CD
Epic journey of the new race. We don't know if this could be labeled as "ambient with rhythm" or "drone", the best way we can describe this is Conan soundtrack with doom metal drums. From the masterminds Dirtmaster (of Hail, Legacies Unchain, Wormphlegm...) and Xenosyntesis. 17 years in the making, guaranteeing you a mystic, eerie and otherworldly experience not matched by anything you've heard before... Simple, fitting and classy digipak, three songs in 47 minutes.
YouTube song
Second album from the aural equivalent of Tetsuo. Minimalist industrial death metal at it's loudest and most repetitive extreme. This time recorded and produced by Harald Mentor, the sound is destroyed, distorted and pounding: death metal with a production of hardcore techno meets 4-track Ildjarn. Extreme, sick music, not for humans, fatal for those suffering of migraine. Covers are a black & white eye candy for total headache, printed in and out for your complete disorientation.
Soundcloud song
ANNIHILATUS (Fin) - Death From Above digipak CD
16 long years after their debut album, the Finnish black metal warmongers Annihilatus are back stronger than ever before. Armed with a strikingly nihilistic, anti-religious philosophy and musical tradition of classic Celtic Frost, Darkthrone and the likes, there is no option but to submit to their total vision of cold destruction and death. Digipak with eight page booklet, ten songs in 41 minutes.
YouTube song
v/a THRASHING RELICS vol.2: Finnish thrash metal 1988 - 1989 compilation CD
The Thrashing Relics series finally continues with more obscure thrash metal sounds from the late 80's! Feel the raw energy of the early stages of Finnish extreme metal just few years before it took the world by storm. From aggressive thrash metal of Terrific Verdict to slightly more melodic speed/thrash of Ashen to death/thrash of most classic Sacred Crucifix demo. Three demos and one 7", all originally self released by the bands. All killer, no filler! Carefully edited and just slightly remastered, keeping the original sound with maximum quality. Eight page booklet with all the original artwork, flyers, posters, fanzine layouts and awesome artwork, near 70 minutes of Finnish cult thrash metal.
YouTube song
NECROMANCER (Fin) - Songs About Death and Stuff 1986 - 1991 CD
One of the first, and for many the best ever, underground thrash metal bands from Finland. "Songs About Death and Stuff" brings together their full discography: all their demo recordings and self released 12" in one perfect package. Carefully edited and adjusted, but not remastered, perfectly keeping the dynamics of the original releases intact. 12 page booklet with interviews, detailed line-up and recording information, rare photos, tour posters, ads, flyers and killer artwork. Over 70 minutes of Finnish cult thrash metal from the era of most intense tapetrading culture and neck straining headbanging madness. Part of the glorious Thrashing Relics series by Bestial Burst.
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Raw bass heavy sludge from North Carolina. Dirty yet powerful underground filth not for everyone. Originally released by band as limited edition 25 copies cassette, now on lathe cut custom made 8" black vinyl EP limited to only 50 copies.
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BLACK LEGION (Ita) - Rise of Impious Demonolatry CD
Total early Beherit (!!!) / Blasphemy / Sarcofago worship to the max! Nothing modernized or tamed here, both the production and playing are caveman like and thundering. With COS intro, track titles like Goat Entrails Worship, Satanic Armageddom and Black Mass of Ritual Bestiality, nuclear bomb explosion sample, cover illustration with Baphomet holding a skull and a reversed cross while sitting on a pentragram throne with mushroom cloud in the background, hooded fire breathing band photo shot at ruins and a black/red/white layout... You just don't come asking your money back for "expecting a bit different kind of black metal". Yes, they are very good at it.
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Power electronics against the humanity. After a more-than-promising demo, the debut full length takes Subhumannihilation to a whole new level. Genocidal chants, barbaric frequencies and field recordings. Powerful, loud and full of venomous hatred against the modern world, destructive and complete aural vengeance. Unpleasant armageddon noises.
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HAIL CONJURER (Fin) - Decadence 8"EP
Special lathe cut 8" limited to 50 copies only. Atmospheric Finnish black metal supremacy.
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RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) - Chapter Of Alchemy: Singles and Compilation Tracks 2006 - 2013 CD
Limited slipcase + jewel box edition 500 copies. Occult, pulsating, bass heavy, obscure, experimental yet simple and powerful black metal. Sums all the Harald Mentor solo and Harald Mentor + Spirit Krusher duo era ep's, split ep's and compilation tracks releases into one 65 minute hammer of Satanic destruction. Most tracks on cd format for the very first time in the history!
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RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) - Sinking The Song CD
Hypnotic black metal witchery and heavy-for-the-soul frequences. Aural nightmares by the wicked, ritual distortion for a total and ultimate sacrifice. 9 songs in 45 minutes, all carrying the very identifiable sing of a Mounted Avenger. Finally the first physical format of this dreaded and horrendous album. Not for the weak.
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FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS (Fin) - The Willing Followers Of HIM CD
New 2019 full length album by the mysterious entity known to the unfaithful as FCOA horde (tm), an acronym set around a reversed cross. This time "only" one power drilling ritual of over 30 minutes evolving from a simple riff to a chaotic pulsating miasma bursting into the void of eternal sodomy, all dedicated to the everlasting glory of His Infernal Majesty.
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Other BeBu Releases (SOLD OUT):
BeBu-002 WOUNDS "Chaos Theory" CD FIN Brutal Death / Thrash Metal
BeBu-003 INCRIMINATED / TUSKA Split MCD FIN Raw / Necro Black Metal, limited edition 666 copies
BeBu-004 ANGMAR "Razorblade Redemption" CD FIN Raw, fast Black / Death Metal
BeBu-005 DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER "First Bestial Butchery" CD FIN Old school bestial Black Death
BeBu-006 MASOKISMI - Häpeällinen Siveysoppi CD FIN Necro Black Metal chaos
BeBu-007 RAVENING "Forbidden Arts" 7"vinyl FIN Satanic Death Metal, limited edition 333 copies
BeBu-008 DEVILRY / RAVENING Split 7"vinyl FIN Satanic Death Metal, limited edition
BeBu-010 CONJURATION / FULL MOON LYCANTHROPY split 7"vinyl Horror / Black Metal. Limited edition
BeBu-011 TORTURIUM "Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds" CD True Black Metal from Finland.
BeBu-012 BLOODHAMMER / DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER split 7" FIN Black Metal / Death Metal. Limited edition
BeBu-019 CARNIVAL / ENORMITY split MCD FIN Thrash/Death Metal
BeBu-022 DEAD REPTILE SHRINE / TORTURIUM split LP FIN Ritual music / Black Metal. Limited edition
BeBu-023 BLACKTASK / INCRIMINATED split 7" USA/FIN Black/Thrash Metal. Limited edition
BeBu-029 EVIL ANGEL - Unholy Fight For Metal CD FIN
BeBu-032 GOATMOON (FIN) / RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - In the Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice digipak CD/CD/2LP/tape. Limited edition
BeBu-036 v/a METAL ON METAL III - Third Warning of the Storms CD (Goatmoon, RfR, Incriminated, Rivologi etc.) Limited edition
BeBu-035 RIDE FOR REVENGE - Wisdom of the Few CD/LP
BeBu-037 A.BLOOD / EVIL split MCD GER/BRA Black Metal. Limited edition
BeBu-038 KÄRSIMYSNÄYTELMÄ! CD FIN Black Metal / noise. Limited edition
BeBu-040 WILL OVER MATTER / BIZARRE UPROAR split LP. FIN Ritual electronics and occult industrial / harsh noise, power electronics. Limited edition
BeBu-042 GOATMOON s/t 7"/MC FIN Black Metal. Limited edition CD now available
BeBu-043 GOATMOON (FIN) - Hard Evidence Live digipak CD/CD. Limited edition. BeBu-044 GOATMOON / DEAD REPTILE SHRINE - Winterforest split MC/LP
BeBu-045 GONKULATOR - Satan´s Burial Ground MC. limited edition
BeBu-046 STORMHEIT - Syksy sieluni yössä 7"EP. Limited edition
BeBu-047 UNDOR / RIDE FOR REVENGE split LP. Limited edition
BeBu-048 FLOODED CHURCH OF ASMODEUS / PRODEATH split 7". Limited edition.
BeBu-049 GOATMOON - Varjot MC. Limited edition
BeBu-050 I KILL YOUR FACE / BIZARRE UPROAR split CD. Limited edition
BeBu-053 RIDE FOR REVENGE / METI BHUVAH split 7". Limited edition
BeBu-055 ARYAN BLOOD - From Struggle to Victory LP. Limited edition
BeBu-056 v/a LOST TAPES OF BESTIAL BURST pro-cassette. Limited edition
BeBu-060 COMMAND - Sturmangriff LP. Limited edition
BeBu-062 VIGILANTE MOODS s/t MC. Limited edition
BeBu-063 FUNERARY BOX - Heretical Hymns MC. Limited edition
BeBu-065 RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - Enter the Gauntlet gatefold 2LP/CD (download still available)
BeBu-077 BLACKONBLACKCRIME - Xenophilia MC. Limited edition
BeBu-083 RIDE FOR REVENGE - Ageless Powers Arise LP version. Limited edition
BeBu-088 KALI YUGA NOISE - Degeneration Of Our Species MC. Limited edition
BeBu-089 LOINEN (FIN) - Pekka cassette. Limited edition
BeBu-093 CHARITY SAINTS (FIN) - s/t cassette (download still available)
BeBu-104 HAIL CONJURER (FIN) - Heaven Piercing Phallos cassette (download still available)
BeBu-105 VALHALLA BOUND (FIN) - Hail The Warrior cassette (download still available)
BeBu-104 HAIL CONJURER (FIN) - Manifests Of Will cassette (download still available)
BeBu-115 RIDE FOR REVENGE (FIN) - Maniacal Winds cassette